Planning to organize a coffee appreciation event, but not getting a suitable training room rental venue in Singapore? Fret not, because now you are going to discover a venue that would be perfect for any small event.


Last month, we organized a coffee appreciation event at Parkmall, Singapore. The event was introduced by Costa’s coffee taster Gennaro Pelliccia. In his short introductory speech, the famous coffee master talked about different coffee flavors, how to choose coffee beans, how to serve coffee, etc. The venue is equipped with a large projector screen. Pelliccia used that screen to show pictures of different types of coffee beans. The quality of audio and video equipment and screen projection was very impressive.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a venue for a coffee appreciation event.

First things first, you want the venue to complement the theme of your event, and the kind of impression you want to create. We were in search of a specious, tasteful, and well-ventilated venue, and London Room was just perfect.

The second thing to consider is the location. You don’t want your guests to waste time in finding your venue. Choosing one in prime location is important; and London Room was just what we wanted. It is only a few minutes from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, so reaching the venue in time should not be a problem. In fact, our participants started hitting the venue before the scheduled time.

Thankfully, TrainingRoom SG allows entering the venue up to 35 minutes before the scheduled check-in time. They also do not charge anything extra, if the event overruns for up to 35 minutes.

TrainingRoom SG
In his introductory speech, Pelliccia shared tips on coffee brewing. Participants were as asked about their favorite style of coffee. Most of them said they love cappuccino, while a good number of people voted for mocha, Americano, and latte. Pelliccia also stressed on the importance of serving coffee in the right temperature. There is enough space in the venue to install coffee machines, without hampering the sitting arrangements. Participants in our event were free to taste many different styles of coffee and ask questions about any coffee directly to the host at the center stage.

Some of our attendees were seen browsing the internet on their mobile phone or tablet for a quick research before asking a question to the host. The training venue is equipped with free wireless internet, allowing everyone in the venue to use high-speed, uninterrupted internet. Moreover, there is more than one fiber internet connection, with the capacity to offer uninterrupted internet round-the-clock at 100 mbps.

After the question hour, each participant was asked to fill out a survey form, providing details about their coffee making habit. The Coffee Break Session started next. Each participant was asked to order up to three different styles of coffee. There were arrangements for a wide variety of cookies and cakes as well. Our coffee appreciation event was a grand success, but a lot of the credit goes to the training room venue. Thanks TrainingRoom SG!